Kenes Rakishev: From the greatest steppe to the pinnacles of the Fintech

Kenes Khamitovich Rakishev is a well-known businessman, public figure, philanthropist, successful venture investor. Family of Kenes Rakishev Father: Khamit Koshanovich is a well-known statesman, former director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kazakhstan. Mother: Balzhan Aldigozhaevna. Wife: Asel Tasmagambetova-heads a charitable foundation.

The main focus of the activity of this charitable foundation is to help children and people with disabilities. Children: Dinmukhamed (the eldest son) and Nuriddin (the youngest son). Business and career Rakishev Kenes Khamitovich, today, is one of the most influential businessmen of Kazakhstan. He holds senior positions in large companies, including Kazkommertsbank JSC, SAT & Company Holding and others. Kenes Khamitovich, as a venture investor, has many successful startups, both domestic and global in scale. Rakishev mainly invests in projects related to the IT sphere. The most famous startups in which Kenes Khamitovich participates include: Investments in NetElement.

This is a service that allows you to make electronic payments. Through this system, more than $ 1.6 billion of transactions were carried out last year. Investing in Juno. Juno startup is a service for connecting taxi drivers with passengers, taxi drivers receive orders for a small commission. Recently, the company Gett became interested in buying this popular service, the negotiated transaction amount is $ 200 million. Investments in the company Orbi Prime. Due to, Kenes Rakishev became one of the main investors of the company, which is developing smart glasses for 360-degree shooting. The product is very convenient, because when shooting, the hands remain free, the video turns out to be of excellent picture quality, and the total duration of the clips is 90 minutes. The product is popular among extreme people and just lovers of outdoor activities.

Kenes Rakishev and Mobil social network

This is a kind of analog of Instagram with more extensive features. Easy integration with other social networks, the ability to publish videos and more. Google was interested in buying this company, but the deal has not yet taken place. Public activity of Rakishev Kenes Khamitovich In addition to business activity, Kenes Khamitovich actively and regularly participates in development projects and assistance to Kazakhstan and his compatriots. Many social projects that Rakishev supported were implemented jointly with the Sabi Charitable Foundation, which is managed by his wife, Aselle Tasmagambetova. Campus for young people «Meirim» This center was built to help orphans, people from orphanages to undergo social adaptation.

Here children receive support and all the conditions for successful self-realization: housing, psychological support, education and employment assistance. Kenes Rakishev has been the president of the Kazakh Judo Federation since 2012 and supports this and other sports that are developing in Kazakhstan in every possible way. Support for young minds Kenes Rakishev is one of the founders of the Taiburyl project, within the framework of which large scholarships are provided to talented students for the possibility of their further self-realization. In addition to venture investments, which enable many projects to be implemented, Kenes Rakishev has built a center for fintech startups, where novice teams are provided with an office, legal and accounting support, etc. for free. This allows a lot of minds to realize their ideas!

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